First Sunday of Advent

Some moments from the first Sunday of Advent - some with photos, some without.

♥ Last night's beautiful sky
♥ Seeing the Advent wreath at church
♥ Baking from one of my first cookbooks given to me by my Nana one Christmas
♥ Making mince pies in my Mum's old tins
♥ The first sherry of the season 
♥ The smell of unwrapped clementines
♥ A mild December canal walk 
♥ Reminding my teenager to open his Advent calendar...

Welcome this season of hope, joy, peace and love.

Thank you all for reading, commenting and following here this week. Have a great week xo


  1. I bet those mince pies taste great made in your mums tins.

  2. I have the very same bun tins. They were my Nana's and I always think of her when I use them.

  3. We had that exact tin when I was little. Oh how I wish I still had it now. You have brought the memories flooding back! A beautiful post full of happy December things. Wonderful.

  4. I had my first sherry of the season too! What lovely photos of your Sunday.

  5. What pretty tins - and what a lovely Advent atmosphere!

  6. gorgeous advent post . . . I have the ols st michaels cook books given to me when I first got married! I Love them and still use them from time to time!

  7. My Mum had a tin like that too...wonder where it went...Lovely post - Advent blessings xx

  8. I love the first and last pictures. The pies seems yummy. I wish you a lovely month of December.

  9. What a lovely tin and the mince pies look delicious. That book looks interesting, I remember eating those cream filled cones as a child.

  10. Mmmmm I can smell those mince pies from here! I have the exact same tins, they too were my mum's. Lovely blog, thank you for sharing.

  11. What a gorgeous photo along the canal.....that tree, perfect! I am going to bake mince pies for the first time this year, hope they will look like yours! Xx


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