Third Sunday of Advent

So, it's the third Sunday of Advent... already? Time to hunker down and finish the Christmas preparations, I guess. 

We're keeping our shopping, decorating and socialising to a minimum this year but even so that Christmas feeling often feels more like pressure than pleasure. What tempts me more than anything bright and glitzy in the shops is finding time for simple festive pleasures. These are the ones that have really kept me going this weekend.

♥ Choosing the Christmas tree and driving home accompanied by the scent of pine. I love how nature has the best fragrances and can stimulate so many emotions. Excitement and nostalgia from one scent is awesome.
♥ A long soak in the bath before getting glammed up to go out to a Christmas party. I think I enjoyed this part of the evening as much as the dinner and dancing.
♥ Seeing the third (pink) candle lit on the Advent wreath at church. This week's candle symbolises joy - a great reminder to keep joyful this week.
♥ White chocolate and cranberry blondies. Well, I tried to make these but they didn't quite work - a delicious flavour combination though.
♥ A visit to our cathedral for a harmonica performance by local schools. This community project was organised by our local Arts organisation and we were involved as stewards. Hearing carols played tunefully en masse was a first, made even more special when performed in this amazing Gothic building. Earlier in the week we were also lucky enough to watch our youngest sing at a school carol concert here.
♥ Looking forward to picking our eldest up from uni at the end of the week. He can't wait to come home and we're so excited to have him with us for a few weeks.

Despite continuing challenges from my laptop I hope to be posting more this week as I have wardrobe news and other news to share. Some changes in the air and it's not even the New Year.

Thank you for reading, commenting and following this week. I know time is precious at this time of year so thank you for visiting.

Are you enjoying the run up to Christmas? What's keeping you going? I'd love to hear.




  1. I love the carol singing as well. The blondies sound delicious, even if they weren't quite as expected. I know what you mean about getting ready to go out - it's the anticipation I think. Wonderful. Hope you have a really good week.

  2. Sounds like you have been having a lovely time.

  3. A lovely calming post. I am thoroughly enjoying the run up to Christmas this year. Shopping has been done online, taking advantage of free delivery offers which has kept me away from the shops and the temptations they bring. Smells evoke so many emotions, in a similar way to music.

  4. It is a pleasure to come here, visit and enjoy a quiet moment. This is really the first year that I don't feel so much pressure for this time of the year. I would lie saying I am totally relax, but it is absolutely nothing compare to the previous years. I do what I love, as much as I can and the rest will be OK. I wish you a wonderful week.

  5. I will always drop by favourite blogs-me time! I am waiting to pick my Son up from the train station in 1 hour 10 minutes exactly......can.not.wait.to.squeeze.that.boy.of.mine! Have a lovely week, he'll be home before you know it! Xx


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