The sun has risen on the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. A day to be celebrated, as following this night the sun grows stronger in the sky and the days will become gradually longer once more.

Sunset has already been getting later in the evenings since the 15th although sunrise will continue to darken until January 5th.

Yule...  a time to be with loved ones, to eat and sleep well, light candles and embrace the bleak beauty of winter. A celebration that focuses on love, rebirth and looking forward to a new year.
Tonight I'm happy to be home with my family - to embrace the dark nights, frosty mornings and magnificent sunsets of the season.

There is so much to look forward to. The Christmas tree has been decorated, candles are lit and there is plenty of food in the house. Tomorrow there will be two more seconds daylight than today and on Christmas Day there will be forty four more seconds. On January 1st there will be six minutes and fourteen more seconds daylight than today. And by February 1st there will be one hour, twenty one minutes and four seconds more daylight than this day. 

Happy winter solstice everybody!



  1. A lovely and informative post. I love this day and I look forward to it every year. So lovely to watch the darkness fall so early in the day, and to head inside to the warmth and twinkling lights.

  2. Love those little factoids, thank you x

  3. I love the darker nights until the New Year where I CRAVE the lighter evenings....I will hold on to these facts, I may need them! Have a peaceful Christmas :) x

  4. Love your writing. I am having the kind of December I have always dreamed of, slower paced, quality time & making memories! Wishing you a kind & joyous 2014 xx


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