Fourth Sunday of Advent

The fourth candle of Advent symbolises peace. I'm not sure how peaceful my day has been but I have enjoyed:

Seeing the fourth candle lit on the Advent wreath at church and singing lots of carols - definitely peaceful.
Roast dinner. Hubs made his extra special gravy which has been saved for Christmas dinner. One spoonful conjures up so much foodie anticipation.
Favourite decorations. This year Bagpuss is hanging from the tree.
New arrangements - my letterpress tray now holds my miniature Nativity set.
Red. Poinsettias are so cheery.

♥ A quick walk to forage for holly to add to my pine cone collection on the mantelpiece.
Noel. I love this word and have wanted to make a display like this one for several years. I painted cheap card letters from Hobbycraft and added my beloved small wreath to complete it.
So, how's Christmas shaping up at yours? 

Wishing you peace these last few days before the big day. Thank you for reading, commenting and following this week - I love to hear from you xo



  1. I LOVE that Noel! Happy Christmas!

  2. The nativity looks sweet and as for the gravy my tummy is rumbling in anticipation!

  3. Just so many lovely photos, a very happy Christmas to you.

  4. I have forgotten to light my last Advent candle and I didn't knew its symbol was peace, but it went perfectly for our Sunday. I love your Nativity set, it looks beautiful. Wishing oyu a lovely Xmas.

  5. Merry Christmas, heres to a simpler new year! Cheers!!!!

  6. You have such great creativity. I love that you gather natural decorations on your walks. I took my daughter on such a walk and gathered pinecones, rather than buying them at the store. I think it may become a tradition because it was so much fun. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and New Year!

  7. I love your little nativity, oh and what I would give for some of that gravy! my gravy skills leave much room for improvement. People keep giving me tips! I bet yours is lovely. Love the cat decoration too! have a great christmas time, Heather x

  8. I love your Noel! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas.
    Sarah x

  9. Have a very happy Christmas with your family Claire and also a wonderful New Year.

  10. Hi Claire and 'Merry Christmas!' Have a super time and warm wishes for 2014.

    Nina x

  11. Happy Christmas, Claire and best wishes from Anne in chasetown.


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