A Wet Walk

Despite my lament about not getting sucked into Christmas, this weekend's blanket of dreary has got me yearning for fairy lights, pj days and nostalgic movies. It's like November ARRIVED this weekend. Whilst our 15 year old sensibly whiled away his day in his pjs we made the effort to get out 'there' whilst there was still some light in the sky. As we opened the door, drizzle greeted us. Maybe drizzle is too kind a word. We hesitated, but stuck to our guns and ventured to a nearby country park (and the largest canal feeder reservoir in use today). The watery theme continued but we had a great walk. There's nothing like damp for putting a spring in your step. We walked, talked, laughed and we got to the cafĂ© before it closed. Yay! A cup of tea, yes that will do very nicely, thank you. Simple pleasures, eh...

Thanks for reading, commenting and following this week. It's great to have you here. 

Have a happy week xo



  1. I was out and about walking today too, I quite like these dismal, damp November days!


  2. Not too damp here in Wales .. but a lot colder .. bit frosty first thing. Its all very dreary though .. must admit after work this morning (5am - 2pm) .. I slept in the chair .. 'like a good un!'
    Glad you enjoye dyour day.


  3. Good for you for getting outside and walking even though the weather was so poor. That cup of tea must have tasted extra good - and then of course it feels extra good to get home, doesn't it?

  4. Even with the rain its still nice to enjoy the outdoors and you captured some great shots too.

    X x

  5. Claire it's good to hear that you are enjoying your Autumn walk despite the rain. and making the effort is always a reward in itself :)
    I'm with you on the slow lane at Christmas too!

  6. It's nice to enjoy being outside with you without feeling damp! A cup of tea at the end of the walk is always a highlight! Sarah x


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