Gratitude not Grudge

It's so easy to let the little things get you down at this time of year. The ice that's needed scraping off the car and 'cost' me an extra 5 minutes in the morning. The extra shopping trip to buy ingredients for my son's cake stall at the school Christmas fair on Friday. The Christmas cards that sit despondently in their box as I avoid their bashful glances. 

But if you look at it another way, there's gratitude waiting in every one of these things and countless other moments that make up a day. 

This week I've been getting to work later but have enjoyed the wonder of an ice filtered landscape - who needs Instagram? This evening I had to go shopping unexpectedly but my son has filled the house with the irresistible smell of homemade shortbread (we've eaten the broken ones and more baking will be needed tomorrow, yay). The Christmas cards are being ignored but - if I think about it - I 'm looking forward to writing to and hearing from far away friends. 

Gratitude not grudge is the way.

Happy middle of the week and a peaceful Thanksgiving to those reading in America xo



  1. Thank you for this lovely post. I love your positive way at looking at things - turning a negative into a positive. It's usually just a matter of changing the way we think. Have a lovely day!

  2. A timely reminder indeed. I seem to always get flustered with this time of the year because it just is the busiest time of the year where everything seems to just collide...school things, concerts, family engagements etc and it's so easy to get caught up with all the busyness that you neglect to just enjoy the moments for what they are. Thank you.


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