Keeping Sunday Simple

Keeping Sunday simple with: 

♥ A new church service with a good friend - much needed time for friendship, reflection and prayer. 
♥ Home for coffee and croissants. The best croissants we've had - from a local farm shop. Brunch is possibly the best meal of the day. 
♥ New haircut from a new hairdresser with a degree in creative writing and songwriting. I was impressed. Not so impressed to find out I'm 50% grey in places. OK... I did ask. 
♥ Walking not driving.
♥ Nature's colour lift of red berries, pink skies and golden leaves.
♥ The warmth and comfort of home.

Thank you for reading here this week. 

You're all welcome xo


  1. Hi Claire, I love your photos. Your hair looks lovely and it sounds like a wonderful day.
    Jacquie x

  2. Hi Claire - I confess to being a Simple Sunday kind of girl too. That croissant looks delicious. We have a french bakery a few blocks away - I'll have to remember that next week. Beautiful photos.

  3. Lovely photographs, Claire! I agree that some days are meant to stay simple, and the weekend is the perfect time for that.

  4. Beautiful autumnal photos Claire (my favourite season!) and a perfect looking croissant.
    Your hair looks lovely and I can only see pretty silvery highlights :)


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