At the Weekend

Today bright skies restored calm after the recent gushes of rain. This week I've been battling with an ear infection and after being on the wrong antibiotics for 5 days I'm now beginning to feel well again. This weekend I've been grateful for...

♥ Sunlit autumn leaves.
♥ A woodland walk.
♥ Fresh flowers and sunlight. 
♥ Nourishing meals.
♥ A morning soak in the tub - part of my new Sunday routine.
♥ Remembrance Sunday - a poignant reminder of the fragility of peace and the price paid for freedom.

Thank you for reading, commenting and following Just a little less this week. Be well xo



  1. My grandparents would think me rich beyond their imagining with what I choose to call my 'simple' life. Like you I am very grateful. I hope the ear infection clears up quickly Claire.

    1. I agree, we don't always appreciate the richness of our (even simplified) lives.

  2. A lovely list of things to be thankful for...

  3. Claire I hope your ear infection is now a thing of the past and you will be able to fully enjoy all the pleasures that Autumn brings.
    We saw Joshua and Ryan last night and as you know they are wonderfully entertaining and inspiring. The event was held at 7pm in a lecture theatre in one of our universities and although it is quite large it was announced that there would be a second talk at 8pm because of the numbers that had indicated they would be attending. Because of this I didn't get a chance to take a photo with them but they stood at the door and gave hugs as we left. When they spoke of the community of like-minded people of course I thought of you!
    Thanks again for your part in spreading the message of simplicity, gratitude and living with "just a little less". xxx

    1. I'm so glad you found their talk inspiring - how great that such an event got such high numbers!
      Thank you for being part of the journey Megan, it's always lovely to hear from you xo

  4. It was a peaceful and reflective weekend for me too, I love being out in nature this time of year, crispy autumn leaves and cold noses!

  5. Lovely photos. I wouldn't call myself a minimalist but I have certainly learned to simplify and live with less - and definitely grateful for all that I have.

  6. I've just been looking at your simple pleasures list, Claire. I used to have a Friday evening bath ritual, and really enjoyed that early evening soak in the tub. I may reinstate it!
    Have a lovely week,
    Leanne xx


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