Calke Abbey Gardens

Hello. A lot of flower photos I know but the gardens at Calke Abbey in Derbyshire were stunning when we visited them this week. National Trust calls Calke Abbey the 'unstately stately home' because it has been left in its original state without restoration. The vast collections of stuffed animals were not too my taste and it wasn't a house I wanted to linger in! Discovering a walled garden complete with auricular theatre and an orangery in the 600 acres was a lovely surprise after this. I hope you enjoy my photos. I had fun editing them in PicMonkey following Gillian's advice. No more wonky horizons. Thank you for sharing Gillian. 

Thank you all for reading, following and commenting this week. I'm so pleased and warmed by the reaction to Stephen's Story , the positivity of social media this week and his continued fight for life. Be happy xo



  1. Social media rocks, instant people power.

  2. The gardens there look beautiful. I loved seeing that buck, you got pretty close to him.

  3. I haven't visited there for a few years, I also loved the gardens.


  4. I LOVE Auriculas and Calke stages them the old fashioned way, which is charming. I haven't visited Calke for many years. They used to have great plant sales there occasionally.

  5. Beautiful photos - PicMonkey can be addictive, but the results are great aren't they? I particularly love the auriculas. I've always wanted to try growing them but they have a reputation for being a bit fussy - better to admire other people's efforts!
    Sarah :)

  6. Wow - stunning photos!! I do like the auriculars too. And Calke Abbey is such an interesting house to visit - the various collections seem almost endless. Thank YOU for sharing Stephen's Story - a very inspirational young man
    Caz xx

  7. Looks like a super trip!! Those auriculas are STUNNING and I am very very jealous of such a display!!

  8. Beautiful - love the auricula, the yellow flowers against the brick, and the view of the gardens through the glass window! I have also been experimenting this weekend with PicMonkey! Took lots of photos on an extended weekend trip, so we'll see how they turn out.

  9. That Auricula Theatre is amazing. :-)

  10. Wow, what lovely pictures. I think the wonky orangery there is so beautiful. A gorgeous place to spend time!

  11. Ooh I would love to walk through the last photo! It's amazing being from a young Australian country, when we see how many beautiful old buildings UK has. And the gardens!

    1. Thank you Lucent and for reminding me how lucky we are to have such properties and gardens to enjoy - great for those with small homes and gardens!


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