At the Weekend...

Ate a vegetarian curry feast including Jamie's cauliflower rice. Messy but yummy.
♥ Spent a day helping out at Holiday at Home in my local church hall for the elderly and housebound in the community. We 'went' to Ireland and sang Irish songs, made soda bread, had our nails done, enjoyed fish and chips for lunch, drank Guinness, watched Irish dancing, did chair aerobics and us helpers wore these lovely brooches. The holidaymakers all took home a goody bag.
♥ Made a mad dash to take our eldest back to uni and pick our youngest up from a Duke of Edinburgh expedition - offspring relay.
♥ Almost finished the Easter chocs.
♥ Enjoyed the apple blossom starting to flower in neighbouring gardens.
♥ Watched The Artist. Perfect.
♥ Ate ginger and lemon cake. 

Hope you had a good weekend too xo



  1. That sounds like a fantastic weekend to me. So glad you enjoyed helping out at the Holiday at Home day. It's such a lovely thing to do. And I'm glad you ate some good cake too. I hope you have a good week. CJ xx

  2. Sounds like you had a fun weekend, I like the sound of the ginger and lemon cake.

  3. Hi there, just catching up! Sounds as though you have been having some great times, love the garden pictures from your previous post especially! Hope that you have a good week. xx


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