Lemon and Raspberry (Less) Mess

Following on from last week's simple starter of stuffed peppers, I present its bookend contender for the easiest and dreamiest of desserts. Lemon and Raspberry (Less) Mess can be prepared in advance, then popped in the fridge to delight hours later. It's light, cheap, gluten free and basically more of an assembly job than a recipe. It's a solution we came up with when we were serving a Mother's Day/ birthday meal/ Sunday roast recently. It would work well if you have guests over Easter. 

You will need (serves 4-5)

500g Greek yoghurt
3-4 tablespoons of lemon curd
icing sugar to taste
grated zest of one lemon for decoration
1 mini meringue per serving
raspberries for decoration
pretty glasses to serve


The first (optional) task is to sweeten the Greek yoghurt to taste with a few teaspoons of icing sugar. Then swirl several tablespoons of lemon curd through the Greek yoghurt. Begin the assembly of the pud by placing a teaspoon of lemon curd into the bottom of each glass. Add layers of the lemon yoghurt mixture to the glass with the occasional swirl of pure lemon curd. Scatter with grated lemon zest, a few raspberries (these can also be sweetened with a little icing sugar beforehand in a bowl) and pop a mini meringue or two on top. Or if you prefer a messier mess use broken meringues mixed into the lemon/yoghurt mixture. You really can't go wrong with these ingredients.



  1. Mmm, delicious, a great idea to use Greek yoghurt instead of cream. I like to make a blackcurrant one sometimes, but lemon curd sounds wonderful, it's one of my favourite things.

  2. That looks delicious with many of our favourite ingredients - Greek yoghurt and lemon curd. I will add this to my menu for next week. Sarah x

  3. I love lemon curd and Greek Yoghurt so will have a go at this dessert - it looks delicious. I may end up eating the whole jar of lemon curd though once I get started!

  4. Eton Mess may be my favourite dessert, so this looks like a lovely alternative! Yum!

  5. This looks so yummy. I've copied the recipe and printed it off. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx


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