Looking Out, Looking In

Hello. I'm thankful this weekend for

♥ a meal out with friends and ex work colleagues
♥ an evening of good food and company at my oldest friend and her partner's lovely brick and timber cottage 
♥ a teenage son happily celebrating his19th birthday away from home
♥ pink roses (£2 from Lidl)
♥ this little blog and all who read it 
♥ rainy afternoons allowing much needed time for relaxation and reflection on the sofa
♥ accepting it's OK to not go for that run if I'd rather not
♥ looking out from this little house that we once walked past and dreamed of owning if only we could manage to downsize

Life has been a little busy recently with family commitments, work and catching up with friends. I'm thankful for this full life but today I needed to catch up with myself too. Finding the balance between keeping things running, moving plans forward and taking time out to refresh is never easy. Sometimes you just have to write stop in the diary and book some time out.

Have a great week and welcome to any new readers xo



  1. I'm glad that you are doing lots of nice things. Your roses are beautiful! xx

  2. Hurray for rainy afternoons on the sofa. I LOVE them. Glad you're taking some time for yourself. It's a good, healthy thing to do. I hope you have a lovely week, and that your son had a good birthday.

  3. it sounds good. sometimes I find it's difficult to relax in the middle of all the spring ideas and energy. Resting on the sofa sounds good! Heather x

  4. It's just good to get the balance right, sometimes and I'm also grateful my weekend worked out that way, too, a combination of "looking out, looking in" :)

    (I'm hoping I can comment again, it's not been working for me for a bit on some blogs)

  5. Indeed sometimes, you do just have to stop. It's difficult to get our heads around that sometimes

  6. I love your photographs involving flowers although I am not a very flower girl.

  7. I think its wonderful that you got your dream house because you downsized and simplified. Simplifying can change your life!

  8. Wise words. Gorgeous roses! Happy Monday, xx

  9. Lovely things to be thankful for.

  10. Of course it's ok to not run! I have been very slack lately - my running buddy is away and I hate running alone, I don't seem to be able to pace myself and go much too fast. Anyway, well done for giving yourself a break, it's nice to pause in this hectic season and take stock, if only for one day. x

  11. What a lovely calming post to read ... and those roses are beautiful, what a well spent £2 :-)

  12. I am just popping up the road to have a cuppa with a neighbour but it has been so difficult to squeeze this time into my busy week...sad really isn't it? Glad you have managed to find five minutes for yourself - finding Balance can be so illusive sometimes.


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