May Inspiration

I love a new month and I love May (and June) especially. Longer days and spring and summer months stretch ahead. I feel inspired to...

grow my hair again
plant my new garden
wear something floral
eat more vegetarian food
spring clean
declutter, declutter, declutter
take evening walks
enjoy a family bicycle ride
try some yoga at home
reduce my paperwork
have adventures on sunny days

May has arrived. I hope it shapes up well for you xo



  1. It's the time of year for lovely lists like this. Good luck with it all. CJ xx

  2. Fantastic look, great fun! Bring on May!

  3. Love your list, exactly the same as mine!

  4. sadly its winter here! but I do like your list!

  5. Oh absolutely!!
    All on my list, too...
    Great pic - I've been browsing those on "Life is simple when you live simply", which has a beautiful (and similar) aesthetic :)

  6. Sounds like a good list, have a good weekend.

  7. It has been 95*F here for the past couple days (So. California) and just yesterday I CUT OFF about 4 inches of my hair (opposite of you wanting to grow yours out!). I just got back from a MORNING walk (rather than your evening walk) … I think we need to trade places :)

  8. lovely and inspirational as always, do you have a specific style in mind for your hair ?

  9. What a fantastic blog, I am so pleased to have found yours via Mairead's. I am into simplicity and shall enjoy reading your earlier posts. I had not realised there were 'minimalist' blogs.

  10. Your list is very inspiring Claire. I wish there were more blogs on just enjoying the present rather than the materialism of life. I have begun the decluttering again this weekend after taking a break from it for Easter. I have been attempting to sort out the jewellery again. I just seem to accumulate it like a magpie. It doesn't help when you make jewellery too. Look forward to reading your future posts regarding your May Inspiration post.

    Have a lovely May Day bank holiday.

  11. Gorgeous photo. Spring inspires me to KEEP my hair long, make lemonade, drink herbal teas, and long for white flowy everything. :)


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