All on a Sunny Weekend

Hello. Some highlights from a glorious sunny weekend in the UK. 

♥ Blue skies and beautiful trees to gaze at.
♥ Cake on the lawn at the Cathedral café - there were no picnic tables left. Who cares? We enjoyed sitting sandal free on the daisy strewn grass. 
♥ Mega bargains at a local plant sale. 20p plants!
♥ Salads for lunch.
♥ Roasted red pepper, balsamic vinegar and toasted flaked almond salad - my favourite.
♥ Newly painted deck in grey and a few more plants in. The fence is horribly orange and needs calming down. Next job!
♥ Kir (white wine and cassis) after the hard work and before watching Chelsea. I can't wait for Chelsea Flower Show coverage next week. Anyone else enthralled? 
♥ Our fifteen year doing his homework in the garden. It was definitely an outdoors weekend.

So, more progress on the garden and sun aplenty! Have a great week all and don't forget my Pedlars giveaway. Thanks for reading, commenting and following xo


  1. Chelsea week is a great favourite here!

  2. Sounds like a really wonderful weekend. 20p plants, I wouldn't have been able to resist! I hope you have a good week too. CJ xx

  3. I think the glass of wine says it all :~) mari

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos.
    Anne xx

  5. Looks like another fabulous weekend. I like the look of your food.

  6. Lovely photos and sunny weather food

  7. What a beautiful looking weekend! Sounds like you really made the most of that glorious weather!

  8. If only all weekends could be like this complete with lovely sunny weather.

  9. It looks so, SO good. Gorgeous photos. You really captured that hazy, lazy warmth. If only the weekend just gone had been as nice but hey ho, we can't have sun every day... x


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