Ten Random Thoughts

1. I'm often too busy to blog when work, home and family get in the way and it can be frustrating. But, honestly, blogging mostly gives me a buzz.
2. I remember my first crushes and wonder why - Daniel from Streetly 
3. ... and Trevor Eve from Shoestring? 
4. I wish I could see more of my friends who've moved away. I'm so looking forward to meeting up in the summer hols for coffee, lunch and chat. 
5. I look forward to those rare moments when I have the house to myself (not easy with a husband who works from home).
6. I'm shocked by the signs of ageing post 45 – hello back fat, I didn't expect you.
7. I often feel happy for no apparent reason. Simplifying my life has brought me so much happiness.
8. I love a 'creative' haircut. 
9. I dream of living on a barge.
10. Sometimes it's all about an early night - warm drink, pjs, socks, book. 

There...  so nice to let these ten random thoughts escape. Linking in with Annie.




  1. I'd be interested to find out what you mean by creative haircut :) Feeling happy for no apparent reason is one of the best kinds of happiness, it comes from within. Have a great weekend. x

    1. Hi Christina, I currently have a young enthusiastic hairdresser who can give a creative twist to even a boring bob.

  2. Somehow that post felt really cosy :) I feel much the same, and particularly enjoy my space and family.
    And my first crush was Dave from Streetly… LOL

  3. Great picture. She looks strong. Ditto the back fat which I only just noticed in a shop mirror, but must have been there a while.

  4. I'm not sure that we get fat as we age. I've had episodes in my past where I put on a bit of weight and I dealt with it. I'm 50 now and my body shape is the same as ever and my weight is pretty constant and is ok. No back fat unless or until I get out of shape which applied at 20 just as it does at 50. If I put on weight in the future, I will assume that like in the past I ate too much at Christmas and kept eating until past Easter. Then I will get it off again. Mostly though I just eat well and lots of it and my weight is a constant.

  5. Perfect post. I'm with you on the back fat! I just don't feel that I should be old at 45 or podgy but trust me I am getting both! lol Thank the lord for clothes you can hide it in.

    X x

  6. Jolly good post!! Inspired me to revel in those random thoughts!

  7. I can relate to almost everything on your list except maybe the living on a barge bit. Although I do wonder what it would be like to downsize significantly and/or get an RV to travel in a few years when we retire. Thanks for sharing. B

  8. Oh, definitely the early nights and the 'living on a barge' dream...must get around to posting my 10 'randoms'.
    Blogging is lovely but devoting the time required can be difficult, can't it?
    Have a great weekend.

  9. Maybe not back fat, but definitely front fat! I'm 44 and it has crept up on me. I had a friend who lived on a barge. It made for very intimate parties.
    Leanne xx

  10. I love the happiness emanating from here, wonderful. My other half was very fond of Trevor Eve in Shoestring! I do like putting on pjs as well, the earlier in the evening the better, although I don't go to bed very early, I just like to wear them. Barges and little living spaces are lovely, often so cleverly and attractively designed. I hope you have a really good weekend. CJ xx

  11. I could have written this post! Except for 2 and 3 ... my Mum was the one with the crush on Trevor Eve!

  12. That's a lovely random ten. I'm 36 and I have back fat but I think that's more down to cake than age. Well not back fat exactly, more muffin tops. Yep, that's probably the cake...

    I often think that you do seem like a very happy, sorted person. It sort of emanates from you. x

  13. Lovely random thoughts.

    I never knew the back of my elbows were fat or should I be nice to myself and say 'chubby' until I watched our wedding Dvd (that my Dad did for us) back ... I was shocked!! I've never loved them the same since.


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