Sunshine and Showers

I'm so glad we ventured out this afternoon and I'm thankful that we went for a walk before hitting the café for tea and cake (lemon and ginger, for the record) because before long there were torrential showers. Spring continues to be glorious this year in the UK and my current plant crush is rhododendrons - pale or rubescent, j'adore. The magnificent rhododendron bushes at the Tara Kadampa Buddhist Meditation Centre, Etwall, Derby provided us with perfect shelter. Yesterday we bought our first plants for our new garden from a plant sale at a local church. Hellebores - tick, hosta - tick, ferns - tick and a flower labelled 'purple, tall' - tick. Most of the plants were a pound each and after this weekend's sunshine and showers they are happily settling into their new garden. I've had a lovely time this weekend in my garden and admiring the plants at the Tara Centre. I hope you've had good weekends too xo



  1. The weather has been truly awful hasn't it? Well done for venturing out and taking such lovely shots of the plants, they need the water after all :-) Have a wonderful week x

  2. Watch out for hungry slugs attacking your hostas, they love them! Lots of eggshells around the plants might deter them.

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend. A little exploring, plants and tea and cake - wonderful. It will be interesting to see what "Purple, tall" turns out to be!

  4. Hello Claire, so sorry I hadn't twigged you were down the road! Do love your IG feed :) I work across Staffs for community health services (in Comms) so getting to know South Staffs better. Definitely local!

    Your photos are stunning, superb clarity, really noted them.

    It was a great event, lots to go at. Xanthe was a tital inspiration and so lovely too.
    Thanks for dropping by, :)

  5. I can't wait to see your garden. I love hosta and I wish it wetter here so I could grow it.

  6. Lovely - although the forecast was for rain all weekend in the Midlands, we've had an almost entirely dry and occasionally sunny time, if very windy... and a gorgeous Sunday in Oxfordshire, taking daughter and son-in-law back home and dtopping off in a quintessentially pretty (partially thatched!) village for the cosiest pub lunch - all for Granny's 98th birthday!! She was so game for everything and all the action for 3 days - amazing :)
    And back to Switzerland later today... Family is just brilliant!!
    (wonder how we dodged the rain you had, not a million miles from here!!?)

  7. Very pretty pictures. And I like the sound of that cake.... a lot! x

  8. What lovely flowers! Your photographs are great. I hope that the tall purple turns out to be something lovely! xx

  9. Wow, your photos are gorgeous and so clear. Xx


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