52 Weeks of Happy (38/52)

Hello. I love this time of the year in the UK, longer lighter days and still lots of summer ahead to look forward to. The weather's not been too bad so far either. I refuse to be superstitious about the weather - I think the last few weeks have been quite summery compared to last June.

So here are some happies from this week, joining in with Jen from Little Birdie.

♥ Some new magazines from my in-laws returning from France. I buy a lot less magazines these days but I love the anticipation of a new read and will often leave a magazine unopened for a few days to savour the ritual of turning the first fresh pages full of new ideas and images. French interior magazines are much quirkier than UK ones and the titles of the articles amuse me.
♥ Father's Day. Hubs requested a no-fuss-no-cards-no-presents Father's Day. We did as we were told but cheated a little when I found this John Bishop DVD in Aldi. The comedy my three men like drives me mad at times but I think I was laughing more than them when we watched this together on Saturday night.
♥ My French lavender. A tiny plant when I bought it last year from our local market. This year it has really spread out and looks so full. The bees are loving it too.
♥ A new canal walk at the weekend. We went to a different village, parked the car and explored a new stretch of canal side. It was a really peaceful and interesting stretch of canal but I forgot my camera. I returned today to retrace my steps and had some lovely moments just stopping to take in the sounds and sights of early summer. I have lots more photos and discoveries from this walk to share later in the week.

Thank you all for reading, following and commenting this week. Your comments are the best.

Be happy this week xo



  1. These are perfect happy things. I like your magazine ritual. I go mad if my husband tries to read one of my magazines before I've opened it! X

  2. Haha..... I'm just the same with magazines ..... and books. I saviour the newness and the expectation as much as I do the read :-)

    Lovely canal picture.

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  4. I've found since I started blogging I read a lot less magazines, but the odd few I do read, I really look forward to opening and flicking through them. I adore french lavender, it's so pretty and of course it smells heavenly. x


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