Rediscover, Renew, Refresh

I've rediscovered the joys of running.

Early this morning I pulled on my forgotten running gear and my sadly ignored of late running shoes and stepped out the front door. I ran, I cleared my head, I frightened the little wild rabbits and I arrived home renewed and refreshed. OK, so I can feel a general ache just about e v e r y w h e r e but that's better than feeling sluggish and out of shape.

I was in a fairly regular running routine before I started blogging in September and for various reasons I stopped. I have found it so, so difficult to get started again. I'm not blaming blogging, but sometimes it can be hard to balance everything and adjust to new commitments. 

Can I incorporate a little running into my life? I think I can... now I've started again.

Happy weekend everyone xo



  1. great, whatever you do now this is your day! you have claimed it! Heather x

  2. My bum has definitely become too friendly with the computer chair since I started blogging a year ago. It's good fun but it does take up time. I'm working on doing more exercise at the moment too, although running's not for me (or rather it's not for my back).

  3. So happy for you Claire that you have taken up your running again :)

  4. Oh, well done you. I bet you feel great. I haven't run regularly since last November and I should really get back in the habit but can't quite find the motivation... It's fitting it all in, like you say. x

  5. Now you have started you will just have to keep going.

  6. This is exactly what I need to do, well done on getting started again.


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