I Was Working as a Waitress in a Cocktail Bar...

What ho! If I could travel back in time to a particular decade I would choose to live in the 1920s.... for the fashion, the music and the joie de vivre. Girls and boys, young and old, all making the most of life... dressed to kill and eager to dance the night away. 

This weekend I was lucky enough to help out at a twenties themed evening, working as a cocktail waitress. It was a wonderful, wonderful evening and I'm so happy to be able to share some of my images with you guys.

The aroma from the mountains of mint and limes as we prepared cocktails in the kitchen was heavenly. Hands ached with the squeezing of limes.

Gatsby Night - a one off pop-up event. When the night-lights were lit and the party goers began to arrive I knew we were in for a magical night. 

This was an authentic twenties night - no fancy cocktail glasses. Oh no, the cocktails were served in vintage teacups just as they were during Prohibition. Matching the cups and saucers took a while.

We made and served three specially adapted cocktails: Jay's Mojito (rum based), Moscow Mule (vodka based) and Chicago Sunset (non-alcoholic and not so popular). We were rushed off our feet.

There were boys in braces and girls in the prettiest of dresses. Feathers, pearls, hats and scarves adorned all. The outfits were incredible.

A time traveller or two... but hey it's the effort and attitude that count.

Energy levels were high as the band played favourite tunes from the roaring twenties.

Hubs and I were part a team of volunteers who regularly work for our local Arts organisation. Bar profits support the organisation and enable it to put on community Arts events. 

This is the first time the bar has served cocktails and none of us has had experience in making and serving such large quantities of cocktails before. Apparently we were the bee's knees! I hope we get to do it again soon. 



  1. It all looks absolutely wonderful :-)

  2. What a brilliant idea, hope you raised plenty.

  3. What an amazing evening, yes I'd love to have a little glimpse of the era, soooo glamorous! :) x

  4. brilliant fun, dressing up party, lovely! fun to be involved, nice pictures. Heather x

  5. Looks such fun! You say that you made and served cocktails but I hope you got to drink one or two yourselves!

    1. Oh yes thank you, quality control of course. Drinking them out of china cups was actually nice, much to my surprise :)

  6. What a fine evening; you two looked terrific!

  7. This looks like so much fun!

  8. What a fun evening ... you looked lovely ... Bee xx

  9. Those photos are fantastic. I'm glad the evening was so successful it looks such fun.
    Sarah x

  10. Oh, it looks fantastic. So glad you had a great time.

  11. What a great idea! Love all the little details..and the glamour!

  12. It looks fantastic! I bet you make a mean mojito after all that practice.

  13. Claire you did look the "bees knees" as well and the whole evening must have been a lot of fun. Certainly a wonderful way to fundraise!

  14. Brilliant! It looks like so much fun, and such lovely attention to detail in the decor, costume, music and tone. I bet is was fun dressing up for that! x

  15. Wow Claire!! You're such a lucky lady. I love the 20s! This was a such a wonderful idea for fundraising :D


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