Nature in the Home: White

White flowers seen at a local flower festival proving that white is not dull, sterile or cold. The light streaming through the Georgian windows and the historical setting obviously helped enhance the arrangements but the purity and simplicity of the white blooms was undeniable.

A simple white orchid can lift a room whether grand or humble.

Joining in with Lou from littlegreenshed.


  1. These flowers are so beautiful.
    Sarah x

  2. Gorgeous flowers in a really beautiful setting. I love white flowers. x

  3. Yes Claire all flowers are beautiful but I believe whit flowers are exquisite and your photos prove it!

  4. Wow, stunning. I thought for a minute it was your house and you'd gone all out! White flowers are my favourite I think, they really do take my breath away.

  5. I love white orchids...now if I could just make then last longer!

  6. They are beautiful! The summer is not yet here and I am still waiting for mine to come out in my garden.


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