May Scavenger Hunt

Hello there. I must admit I'm feeling slightly frazzled after memory card problems today with my camera. So I bring you my May Scavenger photos with a disclaimer that some are from my archives, some are shot by hubs on his iPad and some are from his archives (particularly the awesome Glastonbury flags photo). Many of the creative ideas were also joint. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Anyhow, as ever I had fun putting this collection together and hope you enjoy them! Thank you Greenthumb and all who've taken part so far. I've really enjoyed looking at all of them.

So...  May's twelve photos.

Aqua. I had to pick some Cornish photos for this one. The Tate at St. Ives and this lovely cottage, Pilot's Cottage, (which we stayed at, pre-babies) in St. Mawes, Cornwall.

Four. I picked up some interesting badges at the car boot sale last weekend, including this pretty one. Great for my letterpress tray.

Something patriotic. Shot in St. Ives, Cornwall,  this April. Bunting from last year's Jubilee celebrations. A happy reminder of community spirit.

Door. My wetsuit hanging on our beloved Camper, Moondance, in Woolacombe, Devon.

Skyline. The iconic St. Michael's Mount which dominates the horizon around Far West Cornwall. 

Lines. On a tree in our nearby woods.

Washing. Taken this weekend. Great drying weather.

A flag (or two).There's flags and there's Glastonbury flags. Lovely memories.

A map. From my youngest son's well-thumbed copy of Lord of the Rings.

Broken. Broken but full of character. I love old terracotta pots.

Keys. Tippity-tap. Love the illuminated keys on hubs' laptop.

Construction. Eldest son at work in the kitchen. Mexican tortas... worth the wait.



  1. Illuminated keys, I have to say I with you on that one. Just fab, almost as good as the washable keyboard I saw this week.

  2. I hope the memory card problems go away! I adore the blue door to the cottage!

  3. Ooh that meal being prepared for you looks lovely! X

  4. Thanks for taking part in this months Scavenger hunt, I really like the group of photos you have done. Aqua, flag, lines and keys are all great. Greenthumb

  5. This seems to have been a week for problems with cameras and pc's all round :(
    Love your photos and the super clean looking illuminated keyboard. x

  6. Fantastic photos, what a wonderful scavenger hunt collection :-)

  7. Wonderful, colourful collection! I can't choose one to be my fav! I like them all!

  8. Love the Cornish images. I'm off there at the weekend.

  9. Campers, seaside and festival flags, three things which make me extremely happy!

  10. What a great collection- Cornwall is one of my favourite places- as is Glastonbury! Lovely set of photos:)

  11. A superb collection here, I love Lines and the Glasto flags.

  12. Your photos are fantastic, and husband's too - I love those flags and well, there are so many I like, I can't list them all. Great job!

  13. loved all your photos, so bright and clear. The keys was a good idea, didn't think of that!

  14. I think you might have my favourite set of photos this time - so many clever ideas, interesting perspectives and full of atmosphere. I particularly love patriotic, door, lines, washing and keys. x

  15. Great photos, I can't choose a favourite because they're all good!

  16. Great photos, Claire! Tolkien maps, I absolutely love! It's so fun to see what people from other countries come up with! Your take on construction was very original!

  17. I agree with you on the old terracota pots, so much more character and I love all those bright coloured flags.

  18. So, this is a joint project, huh? Hehe! Thanks to your hubby as he helped you complete those items on your list. I liked the aqua photos the most. The shade made the cottage look even lovelier, and it helps in letting out a serene setting on that tiny house.

    Rosalinda Hone @ Riddle Me


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