Happy Friday Links

Ah... the weekend. Just saying those two words somehow slows you down. You know it's limited time and all the more precious for it. 

Time to rest, re-energise and refresh. 
Break free from routine, be spontaneous or just be. 
Stop the clock or use that free time for something that's really important to you. 
Catch-up, create or just chill. 
Do something different. 

Wherever the weekend takes you I hope you find these links useful. 

With these have a great weekend xo


  1. interesting links Claire, have a good weekend. X

  2. Thanks Claire! I have put Eat and Think and little eco footprints into my favourites right next to Just a Little Less as I really liked the articles and the blogs as a whole. I also love the idea of the Eisenhower Method and plan to implement it right away :)

  3. Thanks for the links this week - Little Eco Footprints is a great read.

  4. Claire - the Guardian link takes me to the Be Nice to Yourself link!

    Nice selection of reads :)

  5. Hi Claire, I found your blog recently and am now following and really enjoying reading it, hope you're having a good weekend x

    1. Hi Jean, lovely to hear from you and thanks for following xo

  6. Hi Claire, I read about the urgent/important matrix in "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" many years ago and it has really made a difference in my life. My #1 example of urgent but not important is leaving your work email open all day, and feeling the need to read and respond to each and every email the moment it comes in!


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