Having Fun at Lunar Festival

Lunar is a small but fabulous festival that's steadily growing in popularity and caters for all age groups. Last Saturday, our second visit to Lunar Festival at Umberslade Farm Park, Tanworth in Arden, Warwickshire didn't disappoint (read my 2014 review here).Think seriously good music and tons of fun too. 

The site was beautifully festooned. Come, take a look...

First stop: ska aerobics. Had to practise my classic ska moves. That's essential on a Saturday morning, right? Can you find me next to Wally? (in the pale green tunic sans bobble hat).  

Next, some music. Daisy Vaughan at The Bimble Inn was a delight. !8 years of wisdom stirred into songs of love written from her Suffolk caravan whilst cooking soup. 

This girl has wisdom beyond her years and she sang in Spanish as well as English.  

Jane Weaver wrapped a sci-fi spell around the main stage with her space rock sound. I loved her sonic tunic (fantastic detail on the back not seen here).

Syd Arthur (influences: Syd Barrett and Arthur Lee) breathed fresh air into progressive folk rock. Jaunty hat too.

There were bubbles to chase, workshops to sample and a touch of fairground charm.

Beautiful people enjoying happy times.

Back at the Bimble Inn we watched Mark Radcliffe and his band Galleon Blast. The crowd lapped up the rum-soaked songs. 

Wilko Johnson (Dr. Feelgood founder) was our next stop at the main stage. All ages were wowed by the incredible vitality and musical virtuosity from a man who was given 10 months to live when diagnosed with pancreatic cancer back in 2013. He chose touring over chemotherapy and outlived his prognosis. A remarkable spirit and talent he's since had radical surgery that's cured his cancer. His performance was victorious. 

Getting a photo that wasn't blurred was difficult given his energetic moves. 

Musical appetites appeased, hungrily we headed off for the Bhangra Bus for our vegetarian thali. Night time brought new vibrancy and Lunar became a dazzling citadel as people gathered to stoke their souls. 

Headliners Public Sector Broadcasting kept us entertained to the end with their original visual material of old public information films accompanied by up-tempo music. Given Lunar's name the material from their latest album, The Race For Space, was the perfect soundtrack for this festival. 

It all went too quickly. We love the atmosphere at this festival - a micro Glastonbury on our doorstep. We'll be back to sample more next year. 



  1. Looks like a great festival! We also went to a festival this weekend - Download - my ears are still ringing but thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!!

  2. Wow, looks like my sort of festival! Will earmark for next year! Xx


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