Happy Friday Links

These poppies have been adding a glorious zing to my commute this week. Viewed from the car window they're spectacular.

From my memory of last year they sojourn for just a few weeks on an otherwise nondescript roundabout. 

Blink and they're gone.

Whilst driving round and round the roundabout admiring them would be fun it's not so good for traffic control or the environment. I'm so glad I made the effort today to park my car and get a closer look. I found moments of pure pleasure, wonder and stillness as I admired the beauty of these proud poppies. Mindfulness, peace and gratitude found at a roundabout. Who'd have thought... 

There was a lorry driver parked up beside me. Was he lost, having a quick kip or admiring nature? Who knows. At least he was taking a break. 

I hope my links give you a break and a little direction on your simplifying journey too. 

Enjoy the weekend xo



  1. Some great articles, sixty&me is a new one to me. I like that the advice is sound for all ages.

  2. Love the Shaker style. I'm all for not hanging pictures on the wall to prevent dusting! I also love the 1920's beachwear - the ladies look far better than some ladies you see on the beach these days in their nearly non-existent beachwear.

  3. I haven't seen any poppies yet! I will have to keep an eye out on the verges on my drive today! Brilliant links, hope you have a great weekend! Katie x



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