Need Help With Decluttering?

The Space Savers Encyclopedia
The Space Savers Encyclopedia by Flexispace.

I was sent this infographic today which I think could be a great visual help if you get stuck with decluttering. Simple ideas like taking photos of a sentimental item before throwing it away and statistics on how much time can be saved over a lifetime in an organised and uncluttered home are wonderful incentives to keep going with the purging. 

Maybe I have got time to go through that box of photos and streamline them or I might just grab a cup of tea and go tidy my chest of drawers. Happy midweek decluttering.


  1. This is a great info graphic - thanks for sharing!

  2. This is a handy tool but not so sure about kettle/toaster combo!

  3. I have a pile of books in my living room. It's been there for about 4 days! I wonder when it will happen.... The keep not keep process I mean. X


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