Happy Friday Links

Sending you my links and my love for all your wonderful comments recently. Thank you to those who read along quietly in the background too. You're all very welcome here. Have a good weekend.

Your favourite? I like the Swedish cottage. It breathes simplicity in an unpretentious way. 


  1. I do enjoy these links. I read another blog that has similar links, it is fun to see what others are reading too

  2. You always share such lovely links - thank you! I really like the Essential Tools for Slow Living.

    1. thanks Jill, I try and post links that adhere to my simplifying philosophy x

  3. All of your suggested links interested me, and I have bookmarked them to read later. Living simply is a constant work in progress (for myself anyway) and whenever I think I've achieved it, I begin again! Its nice to read your posts and get different ideas, thank you!


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