Minimalist Monday: Choosing Minimalism

I don't know whether I chose minimalism or minimalism chose me but I do know that when I first read about minimalism it rescued me from a general dissatisfaction and exhaustion with life. The kind of exhaustion that tricks you into thinking that you can't afford to take a break because you'll be even more behind and besieged the next day. The kind of exhaustion that steals your soul and hijacks your hope.

Minimalism led me to decluttering, going part-time, downsizing and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. It led me to a life of more fulfilment where I invest in happiness instead of money and status.

Retail therapy used to be my cure for exhaustion. These days retail therapy sits optimistically on the shelves of snazzy shops whilst I saunter through the countryside and admire what's on nature's shelf. Keeping up with the Joneses is a thing of the past as today I'm much happier playing keepy uppy with my ever decreasing number of possessions.

Stuff doesn't own me now. Or define me. I'm merely a caretaker of my possessions. My most precious possession is my life. So precious that I want to fill it with love, laughter and learning.

I still have empty days where I loose my way but my answer is to embrace that feeling. I don't need to fill this emptiness with stuff any more. Instead I listen, take care of myself and patiently acknowledge that minimalists can have their off days too. Hey, maybe we can afford a few more off days.

I still don't know if minimalism chose me but I know it ignited an interest in living with less. An interest that could possibly be a lifelong journey. A journey I'm happy to be on and share. 



  1. At the moment I live in my motorhome but will be moving into a proper house in October. Most of my stuff is in storage. In living like this I reckon that I've learnt to really pare down what I 'need'. It clears space in the head and the physical realm. It's likely that I may be getting rid of a lot of stuff soon after I retrieve it. x

  2. Hi Claire, Like you have felt in the past, at the moment I'm feeling mentally and physically exhausted. I am getting nowhere fast in paring down household items. I was doing well with wardrobe items but basically we just have too much stuff. We have even more stuff now as this weekend our youngest moved back home after 3 yrs at Uni, bringing with her all the stuff she gathered up during her time living away. This along with a family upset has given me a definite sinking feeling. I know what I'm aiming for but getting around to doing something about it is a bit difficult at the moment. I agree with every bit you've said in today's post.

  3. Veru good post Claire. I'm trying to find minimalism-it hasn't found me yet, but I have at least gotten to the point of knowing I don't want more stuff. I often wonder if I just boxed up room by room and only unpacked the needed, the loved, and thebeautiful, what would even come back out.

  4. This post is perfect! I am doing the same thing as you, having realized that extra 'stuff' is just exhausting. Thank you for being a wonderful role model!

  5. Enjoyed reading this post, thought provoking and glad to hear how your changes in life have been successful. Thanks for sharing
    Caz xx

  6. I read your blog because I think I have been looking for an answer to my general unease with too many possessions for a while, but didn't realise it. My children are still quite young though and the paring down is taking ages. I also have a generous family and need them to stop buying so much for my children. So much of what they're given goes unworn or is not played with; it's such a waste.

  7. A brilliant little post.

    To me minimalism (and I'm on a long slow journey to perfect it) is all about taking back your life and jumping off the treadmill that is work, spend, work, spend. I just do not feel the need to 'shop' anymore and it's brilliant. :-)

  8. What a lovely post, you sound very content x

  9. Great post Claire. Love that you acknowledge the ups and downs but focus on what has been achieved. Also love sharing the the journey!

  10. Claire I recently discovered your blog and finding it very interesting. I am trying to live a minimalist life finding that it gives me a feeling of peacefulness and soothes the soul. What interests me is how you apply this to your work as a teacher? I have a busy stressful job as an occupational therapist ( also mum to two young children) and find my minimalist approach a struggle in the face of the chaotic and overwhelming nature of working in any frontline public service role at present. Maybe a theme for a future blog ;-) Sinead

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment and support. Public sector work has become stressful, I agree. I enjoy my work but still find it draining at times being in this environment even though I have less responsibility these days. I would love to write a post about this. Thank you for the idea!

  11. Hi Claire Ive only recently discovered your blog and I just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful, authentic and heartfelt post. I too stumbled across minimalism a couple of years ago and It has truly transformed my life in so many wonderful ways. Looking forward to your future posts


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