55: Happy Friday Links

Hello again, how are you? It's been quite a week here in the U.K. with some easing of restrictions, such as non-essential retail opening. I've not done anything different this week apart from visit one charity shop as I needed to return a dress I bought just before Christmas (it seemed to be about 3 sizes too small even before Christmas, haha.) After getting my refund I had a thorough sift through the rails. And no, I didn't leave empty handed. I'd love to share a few of my thrifted items with you and outfits that I'll make from them. Let me know if you're interested.

Today is my Mum and her twin sister's birthday (83). Unfortunately, 2 positive cases have been confirmed in her care home (she has Alzheimer's and vascular dementia) and so today's visit has been cancelled. No more visits are anticipated until the middle of May. I'm so disappointed for everyone: for Mum, other residents, their families and the staff who work there. It's depressing to just park at the care home, drop off gifts in the porch and drive away again without seeing a soul. At least I can visit my aunty and I'm pleased that babies and young children are now allowed to visit family in care homes.

I hope you've had a good week. If you've had a bit of a wonky week like me, these links might perk you up. 

Alvin Wayne's 800sq Ft New York City Apartment via Apartment Therapy on YouTube. Alvin is an entertaining host and I totally agree about surrounding yourself with things that you love. 
5 Ways to Optimise Your WFH Setup & Stay Productive by Christina at Style Apotheca. Great advice from Christina who says, "Do your best to keep work at work and out of your pocket."
Health Benefits of Indoor Plants via Bibico. I think I might move a few succulents and an orchid into our bedroom.
3 Tips When Health Messes With Your Goals on Catherine's YouTube channel, The Life Tidy. I recently discovered this channel and I'm really enjoying her minimalist journey.
Me and my 'she shed': women on the joys of their garden retreats by Nell Card via The Guardian. I love Angela's lilac shed. 
A Guide to travelling as a Vegan, or with Dietary Requirements is a beautiful and informative resource from www.loveholidays.com and is a great read regardless of when you're planning to travel again. It includes eye-opening stats, helpful phrases for ordering vegan food abroad and recommendations for vegan-friendly travel apps and websites.  

Did you see the sweet photo of the late Prince Philip and 7 of his great-grandchildren? It made me smile.

Enjoy and have a great weekend xo


  1. Oh what a shame that you can't visit your Mum, I do hope she can understand and still manage to enjoy her birthday with her friends there, it's all so sad isn't it.

    The photo of Prince Philip and all the great grand-children was a joy wasn't it, a real family snapshot of how their life really is, both he and the Queen looked so proud and so happy.

    Thanks for those links too, the apartment is lovely isn't it. I've been doing a lot of watching YouTube clips of small apartments and cottages to try and pinch some ideas, but that one was huge compared to my new 330 sq. ft home, so there wasn't much I could take saving space wise but I loved lots of his eclectic things.

    1. Sue, I spoke to her on the phone and we had a little chat so that cheered me up. I agree it was lovely to see a more relaxed version of the royals. I loved his styling: plants on top of books etc. Really looking forward to what you do to your new tiny space :)


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