Second-hand Shopping with Thrift +


Hi, do you like my dress? I absolutely love it as I think it ticks all the minimalist boxes as well as being classy. 

I got it from Thrift +, an online kind of charity shop. I discovered Thrift + via someone on YouTube who was using Thrift + to donate unwanted clothes during lockdown. I immediately checked out their site and was won over.

At Thrift + you can donate unwanted clothes for free, raise money by nominating a charity of your choice to get a donation from your sale and also get some money back yourself in the form of credits to spend on their site. They do all the photography, listings and other admin. 

During lockdown I was frustrated because it was difficult to donate unwanted clothes and at the same time I was shocked by hearing how many people were clearing out their wardrobes for the first time in years. 

I've always shopped some of my clothes second-hand, as you know, but I've also bought new. The availability of good quality second-hand clothes is better than ever probably because so many people are constantly adding to their wardrobes. I'm now convinced that buying pre-loved clothing is a better choice for me, my budget and the environment. 

As I've told you before, my wardrobe has grown from the 40 piece capsule I created a few years ago. However, I now only own as much as I can comfortably fit into my wardrobe space, which means my 1 wardrobe and 3 drawers hold my all year-round 4 season wardrobe. This helps me to remember what I've got from season to season. I actually like all my clothes being visible as I can see them and know that the next season is around the corner. Hello, summer!

So, I've been donating and buying from Thrift + for a few months and have now joined a small team to become a Thrift + ambassador to help with their #1millionsecondhandshoppers campaign. I will be getting some Thrift + credits as part of this partnership, but this is also a great opportunity for me to help a good cause. I sincerely believe that second-hand shopping via Thrift + is one of the easiest ways to donate as well as having the benefit of being able to browse pre-loved clothes from the comfort of your sofa without having to enter a bidding war or be worried about the restricted space of some charity shops! 

As part of my partnership on Thursday (tomorrow) which is also Earth Day, I'll be able to give you a unique link to gain access to £10 off an order of £30 or more plus free returns. The offer is available for 1 day only, so if you're interested pop back here tomorrow and in the meantime go and check out their listings and see what you could get.  Thrift + will also donate £5 from each new customer's order to the charity WWF. A great way to honour earth day don't you think?

I'm so excited to share this news, my new to me dress and this offer. The pink bag and white trainers (5th image) are also second-hand via Thrift + too. I hope you'll join me in trying to buy second-hand clothes instead of new as well as trying out Thrift +. I'm also posting about this on my Instagram account @clairejustalittleless.

I'll post the link tomorrow xo



  1. Wow, Claire -- what a good idea. And you look FANTASTIC, girlfriend (not that that's what's important, but still...). Wonderful! Xo.

  2. Yes I think it's a great campaign and I'm so pleased to spread the word about second-hand shopping and Thrift +. Thanks for your kind comment - I did make an effort for this photo :)


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