Earth Day, WWF and an Offer

There are still millions of people across the U.K. who rarely - or never - shop second hand. 

When 73% of clothes are incinerated or go to landfill, the best way to prevent waste and protect the planet is to shop second-hand. 

Fast fashion means that the fashion industry emits more carbon every year than planes and ships combined. It’s time to slow down, and to shop less new.  Think second hand means risky, poor quality clothes? Think again. You can get a wide selection of quality-assured second-hand clothes on Thrift Plus, with a 30 day returns policy. Still not convinced? Today, Earth Day, you can get £10 off your first order of £30 or more with free returns. In addition, £5 will be donated to WWF and and a third of the sale will go to the donator’s charity of choice. 

Buying second hand clothes is the best way for each and every one of us to reduce the environmental impact of fashion. Check out the wide selection of quality-assured clothes on Thrift+, and get £10 off your first order. I'm working in partnership with Thrift + on this campaign and will get some Thrift + credits but I chose to take part because of the ethical and environmental importance of slowing down fast fashion.



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