56: Happy Friday Links

So how are you? I'm so ready for the weekend with nothing actually planned which suits me fine. Last weekend we had a meet-up in my mother-in-law's garden and I resisted the rose wine and stuck with my posh lemonade instead. Not easy...  but I'm now on day 18 of my 30 day alcohol detox so going strong. Here are some links that I've found interesting this week.

Jo Whiley on gardening, radio and her campaign for Covid jabs looking amazing in her gorgeous garden and so grounded too.

10 ways clutter brings us down by Hannah Bullivant. Hannah says, "I DO believe all of us can take steps to make our homes feel lovelier, more like us, and work more practically too."

Gardening for wildlife with Kate Bradbury I saw Kate on Gardener's World last week and was inspired to learn more and decided it's time to be less tidy!

"I'm fine" - Learning to Live with Depression Jake Tyler's Ted Talk. I heard Jake on Zoe Ball's breakfast show recently so decided to look him up. This Ted Talk is amusing as well as insightful. He has a book out too.

Farinata with balsamic onions and asparagus a recipe by Meera Sodha via The Guardian. Tim made this last week and it lasted several lunches. He said it was easy and it tasted yummy. The batter can be made a few hours in advance if you forget to do it overnight like we did. 

Well that's it my lovelies. Have a great weekend and I'll leave you with some pictures of Tim's farinata xo



  1. Congratulations Claire on being more than halfway through your no alcohol challenge and thank you so much your giving the link to the Farinata recipe. It looked so delicious on your Instagram and now on your blog.
    My Tim and I have only ever drunk one glass of red wine but now are only drinking a glass on weekend evenings. It's a start.
    Love your fashion photos and absolutely love your hair brushed back! I'm still so impressed that you cut your hair in that short style as I have enough trouble trimming my shoulder length style.
    So glad that you are back blogging! xxx

  2. Oooh ... tasty photos :-)

  3. Hi Megan, thanks for commenting. I'd highly recommend trying Farinata and this recipe is great because the asparagus, tomatoes and black olives really make it look good too. it's great that you've cut your alcohol right down. I gave the back and sides of my hair a trim yesterday and I want to grow the front a bit. The brushed hair do was an experiment glad you liked it - great for when I'm going out. Enjoy what's left of the rest of your weekend x x x


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