My Alcohol Detox Update

Hi there! As I mentioned in a recent blog post, I'm currently on a 30 day alcohol detox which I started last Tuesday 6th April (the day after Easter Monday in the UK.)

After a week off the booze I feel brighter, more upbeat and I have started to have some better nights sleep. For motivation, I've been listening to the alcohol free podcasts, Alcohol-Free Life by Janey Lee Grace and Over the Influence, as well as rereading The 10-day Alcohol Detox Plan by Lewis David. According to David, it can take up to 10 days for alcohol to leave your system depending on your previous drinking. I know, that's quite alarming isn't it? After, my 3 month no alcohol stint in 2019 I know that I can do 30 days. 

Alcohol is a very addictive substance and like any bad habit that we may fall into, the initial period of abstinence can leave us with diminished dopamine. But if we hold tight and stay alcohol free, those levels of dopamine can normalise and other benefits begin to happen. 

I'm going to hold onto that promise as well as my alcohol free drink of choice.  With the wine witch ever watchful (she loves 6pm) I'm following Janey Lee Grace's mantra of, "Keep the ritual, change the ingredients." Wish me luck and I'll keep you posted xo



  1. You're doing great :-)

    I sleep a hundred times better with no alcohol, so much so I really don't know why I keep going back to it. At the moment there's none in the house so I just think I'll see how long I can keep it that way.

  2. Thanks Sue. I keep going back to it but I’m interested to see how I feel with a longer abstinence. No alcohol in the house is ideal - good for you, keeping going as long as you can x

  3. Claire, what a great mantra is "Keep the ritual, change the ingredients"
    We usually have a small glass of red wine with or evening meal but whenever we don't Tim always says the next morning that he has slept better so this is something we should try.
    While I do wish you luck Claire, I feel you are very motivated and will not only reach your goal but go beyond it as you did before. xxx

    1. I do hope so Megan and me having a break does mean that Tim is drinking less which is a bonus. We both love red wine too :) xo

  4. Well done Claire this is definitely something I would like to try. I never drink a lot, but I do enjoy a glass of red regularly! x

    1. Red wine is definitely my number one alcoholic drink of choice so much so that alcohol free wine just doesn't cut the muster. Great that you drink moderately xo


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