57: Happy Friday Links

Hello and welcome. It's bank holiday weekend here in the U.K. and also the start of May tomorrow. May and June are my favourite months of the year and especially this year as we have more lockdown restrictions being eased later this month. The blossom has been gorgeous this week hasn't it although it's been very chilly, especially at night. 

Unfortunately, Mum's care home has had another positive case of Covid so all visits are off until 24th May. On a more cheery note she's moving soon into a newly refurbished room. I chose it out of several rooms which were all slightly different on a virtual tour. It's much better than her previous room as it's sunny, has a full length window with a nice view and is decorated in lilac and purple colours. Her current bedroom is decorated in rust and terracotta shades and doesn't seem very feminine. I'll leave some photos after my links of the ginger cat which, pre Covid, was a regular visitor to the care home and Mum's bed. He matched perfectly! He's now gone to live with one of the members of staff as he didn't seem to have a permanent address. Who knows with cats! 

I've been buying some pretty second-hand bedding, pictures and accessories for her new room which I'll share with you soon. I think it will be a much calmer environment for her. 

I've got lots of gardening to do this weekend at home and at the community garden. We're also trying to catch up with Line of Duty after starting to watch it from the beginning during lockdown 3. We finished series 5 last night so just series 6 to go. So gripping...

I hope you have a good weekend whatever you're doing. Enjoy the links and please feel free to comment.

What stage of change are you at? by Janey Lee Grace via The Sober Club. This article is interesting whether or not you're on a low/no alcohol challenge.

Stretching: 3 best quick stretches when you don't have time via Stylist. I keep meaning to do some yoga again. I think this might ease me in.

Pink Supermoon from Glastonbury Tor by Michelle Cowbourne via Instagram also see more of her stunning photography on her website 

Asda: George brand to sell second-hand clothing in shops via BBC News. This is exciting and shows that second-hand clothes shopping is becoming more acceptable and mainstream. 

How to in the garden: Composting guide for beginners via Style Curator. I think this breaks down composting in an easy to understand way (excuse the pun). 

Body Loving Goodness by Sarah Maxwell via The Wealden Times. Sarah Maxwell stresses the importance of learning to take care of yourself. I love the body positive affirmation she gives at the end of the article. I've written it on a sticky note above my desk to remind myself. 

Enjoy x x x



  1. Your Mum's new room sounds much more suitable and cheerful. Gorgeous puss cat. Hope you have a good weekend, this Bank Holiday weekend snuck up on me completely, I had totally forgotten about Mayday!!

    1. Yes, lovely weekend thanks Sue. Quite glad it rained most of Monday as it was nice to cosy up at home x x x

  2. Hi Claire, thank you for your links - interesting as always.
    We are friends on instagram where I am @yoga.with.joanna.o
    I would definitely recommend yoga and there is so much choice with many people (including myself) taking classes online. There is more information in my instagram bio and I have started adding some guided meditations to my IGTV if you would like to try them.
    I hope this doesn't seem pushy I am just trying to share the wonderful benefits of Yoga!
    Have a lovely weekend, gardening here too.
    Love Jo xxx

    1. Lovely to hear from you Jo. I will check this out for sure x x x

  3. Your mum's new room sounds like a good move, especially with the full length window. We've nothing planned for the Bank Holiday - we've learnt from previous ones that the traffic jams are huge!! However, I've got to return a sale item back to Seasalt today in Bakewell, which is my nearest branch. Got sucked into the 20% off sale prices and still spent £40 on a linen tunic which I definitely don't need! On the same day I bought a linen shirt in Cancer Research for £4. Second hand is the best way.

    1. That's so easy to do especially with Seasalt which is a favourite of mine too. Second-hand shopping makes sense for so many reasons x x x

  4. Interested to know whether the Covid case at your mum's residence was a resident or a staff member? All of our over-80s have been vaccinated now but not all staff have had access, grr! I hope when I'm in a senior's residence, someone puts me in a room with a window and cares about the decor :) Thank you for that. Very content kitty!

    1. Hi Dar, this time it was a resident although they have had staff test positive in the last 6 months. Lovely to hear from you as always x x x

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