A Vintage Saturday

Saturday afternoon, girlie heaven. My friend had seen signs for a vintage fair. Curious, we left the boys at home and off we ventured. We had a wonderful time. Here's a peep of what we saw.

The event was called 'Vintage Street'.

 There were classic cars waiting to be ogled.

Mojitos at a mobile cocktail bar waiting to be sipped.

Cocktails in hand we had a wander around the beautiful gardens.

And then hurried back inside to warm-up and browse more vintage inspired stalls. 

So, a vintage fair - not very minimalistic, I agree. But give me a trip down nostalgia lane any day of the week over a walk down the high-street where every shop is selling a variation on the same thing. An overdose of bunting, cupcakes, retro fashion, memorabilia, music and craft stalls can work wonders to lift one's spirits in these hard-up times. 

Considering the fun we had, the little money we spent was well worth it. We helped support a local event and small businesses so that's alright by me. Our enjoyment was about experience rather than shopping. Who said minimalism had to be austere?



  1. Delicious, but a hot toddy might have been more sensible x

  2. Hello,
    Ooh love a vintage fair, total girl heaven!
    Enjoyed your earlier post on clothes ideas too.
    Have a Sunday full of fun things..
    Maria x

  3. Hi Maria - thanks for your kind words. I'll pop over and see your blog now xo

  4. I love vintage-inspired events - always makes me think of how people used to live. x

  5. Me too - you can't beat a bit of nostalgia x

  6. You had me at an "overdose if bunting" ;) sounds lie a great day out with your girl! Hazel x


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