Minimalist Monday: Letting Go

and it can be difficult to let go.

But if you can let go you will be freer and lighter.

Let me explain.
I'll take you back in time.
It will be worth it.

Once upon a time you were young and fancy free.

You had your entire life ahead of you.
You were free to go in any direction.
Free to enter a new relationship.
Free to travel.
Free to be open to spontaneous opportunities.

Somewhere along the line you settled down.

Life became serious.
You became established in your career, relationships and habits. 
You experienced SUCCESS.
You acquired possessions: for your comfort, leisure and hobbies. 
You bought stuff to save time, to celebrate your happiness,
your individuality and STATUS.

You tried holidays to experience the freedom you once had; exhilarating hobbies to feel young again, fine wine and dining to escape, designer goods and expensive pampering experiences because you deserved it.

You got into more and more debt.
You felt under more and more pressure.
You were constantly busy and always tired.
You were trapped and overwhelmed. You could never keep up. 
Maintaining and dealing with your stuff began to get you down.

Recognise this person?

You can redefine yourself in ways other than how much you earn or own.

Ask yourself:

Wouldn't it be great if I could start all over again?

I bet you wouldn't buy so much stuff second time around. I know I wouldn't.
You know that feeling of lightness you experience when you go on holiday? Everything you need in one bag, suitcase or boot of your car? You could have that feeling all of the time.

If you recognise that your possessions are actually tying you down you may find it easier to let go of them. Minimalists call this 'non-attachment'. Our possessions can become a burden: they take up a lot of space and need a lot of organising and maintenance. 

What would you save from your home if you were faced with a natural or man made disaster? (other than your loved ones)

How many things do you own that couldn't be replaced?

What do you really need to live your life now? 

Strangely, I have found that having less stuff doesn't make me feel insecure. I feel happier, more in control and more open to life with less possessions.

Want to let go of the past and live the life you want to live now ? Then why not try:

Baby steps:

Start to take action on any debt you have. Seek advice.

Start saving instead of spending.
Start buying less - ask yourself: Can I manage without this?
Don't be seduced by advertising, fashion or peer pressure.
Do a mini declutter: try one area first, maybe your wardrobe or kitchen
Accept that you may have made financial mistakes in the past.
Spend time rather than money on yourself and your loved ones.
Consider your needs now: Could you manage with less?
Give up one of your status symbols: designer clothes or fancy car.

Heavy stuff I know but why not try one of these tips and reflect on how

it makes you feel. 

Maybe you're already doing some of these things: Woo, you're a minimalist already and you didn't know it!

Let me know how you get on and have a great week.



  1. Thanks for reading and commenting, it means a lot xo

  2. hmm lots of interesting points here! I'm already doing some of these, but saying that I've just been out charity shopping!! I found a few lovely things, nothing expensive but it all takes up space....oh well something will have to go as well! Nice to meet you Heather

  3. Hi Heather. Yeah, I have to rein in my urges to go charity shopping xo


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