Fab Friday

Can you believe it's 50 years this month since the release of the Beatles' first single 'Love Me Do'? 

Their cheeky charm, studenty vibe, literary skill, artistic experimentation and ability to write, structure and record songs put them in contention for being the greatest band of all time. As the number one selling band of all time they must be seen as a huge influence on our times and not just a marketing con or fad as some have said.

My older brother is a MASSIVE Beatles fan and so they (along with Bob Dylan) were part of the soundtrack to my youth. 

What do you think? What's your favourite Beatles song? Beatle?

It's nearly the weekend 
I'm looking forward to a glass of wine or two and hoping to get that cafe experience (I missed out last weekend): warming soup, cupcakes, coffee, chat... 

What are you going to make time for this weekend?

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Have a fab weekend 



  1. I am going to make time to rest and relax.

  2. I love Hide Your Love Away. My 9 year old is a massive fan so the Beatles are the soundtrack to our lives now :) x


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