Time to play

It's four months now since we moved house and life is gradually settling down. Many people 
hearing our plans to downsize admitted that they couldn't go through "all that again" and I agreed to some extent because of the sheer upheaval. Yes, there were boxes lying about for weeks and we were constantly loosing things or thinking we'd lost stuff but after the unpacking, a few alterations (boarded loft space with ladder and hard flooring in the hallway) and a few furniture changes we're almost done.

We met old friends last week (who we hadn't seen since before the move) and they were very interested in the story of the move. A delightful comment brought us back to the reason why we first contemplated the move: “We heard you'd moved because you want more time to play!” 

Once upon a time marathon shopping, gardening and DIY sessions used to dominate our 'leisure time'. Now we have started to go for walks in the evening, read more, go out spontaneously (sometimes midweek), cook from scratch, and even start a blog. Not exactly play but a whole lot more fun than the hamster wheel of acquisition, maintenance and duty we were once on. It's a start anyway.

How about you? Do you get time to play? What would you like to make more time for? 

I'd love to hear your comments.   



  1. Your blog is really interesting and comes at the right time for us as a family. Simplicity and happiness for us too! Love the sculpture in the bottom picture :)

    1. Hi there! Glad you like it(small though it is)and thank you for commenting - I know I shall enjoy reading your blog too now I've found it. Sculpture from Beaune, France xo

  2. Hi there

    Love the sentiment 'more time to play'. Look forward to following your journey and learning a thing or two.

  3. Lovely to hear from you, thanks for reading and for your support. Great to share the 'simple pleasures' approach to life xo

  4. oh time. i have no regrets. i truly try to take delight in each new day. life is incredibly fun when one plays like a child. read "The Blue Zones" - 100 year olds, sharing tips on longevity.
    your statue says it all, moving, connectivity are indeed playful.


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