FRIDAY AFTERNOON at the Tara Kadampa Buddhist Meditation Centre, Etwall, Derby. 

A great place to visit for courses, a walk in the gardens or a visit to 'The World Peace Cafe' (all of its profits are given to projects dedicated to world peace). 
Strolling around these beautiful grounds with a dear friend we connected with nature, each other and ourselves. 
A lovely afternoon.

This is what peace means to me:

What does peace mean to you and where do you find it?


  1. I really like your meanings for each letter.
    I think I might share that with you if that's ok! I really can't think of any words which sum it up better than yours for me. Perfect :)

  2. :)of course
    E is rather difficult- enlightenment, perhaps but I'm not actually a Buddhist

  3. We have a "World Peace Cafe" here in Leicester - a lovely place to visit, and share food with friends.
    Maybe 'enlightenment' means different things to different people - as a Christian, I see Jesus as both Prince of Peace AND the Light of the World.

    this was a lovely post and your pictures are super [I love the red leaf- but want to see the rest of the jumper now!!]

    Sunday blessings xx

  4. Thanks Angela and you are so right about the relevance of enlightenment to Christianity.
    Those are my fingerless gloves peeping out xo

  5. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving me such a sweet comment. I to added you to my sidebar for everyone to visit your lovely blog. And I am also your newest follower. Have a wonderful week! Shari

  6. Thank you Shari, my first overseas comment and follower.
    ENJOY your week too xo


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