Get Rid of the Big Stuff First

Well, I'm sure you're getting the picture that I've done some major decluttering over the last two years. It's all a bit of a blur now but I remember at the beginning I really didn't know what I was doing. 

Thinking back, one of the most effective ways to reduce our stuff was to look for the biggest extraneous items in a room or storage space and get them out of the house. In the kitchen it was a free standing fridge/freezer (we had a single fridge and freezer as well), in the music room/garage conversion it was my hubby's speaker cabinet (it was huge) and in my wardrobe it was several pairs of boots from my expanding boot collection. None of these items were easy to part with, however their exit gave us extra space and the beginnings of a streamlined house. 

So, today's decluttering tip is to ...

Get rid of the big stuff first

What I've learnt
  • What items do you own that take up a lot of room but which you rarely need? Take action to sell or donate these items first.
  • If you are selling a large or heavy item ebay's buyer collects option is effortless for you. People will travel for a bargain or arrange their own courier - all you have to do is sit and wait.
  • Charities will collect your unwanted furniture and electrical items at a time to suit you. You don't even have to leave the house!
  • When you have got rid of a few large items your space will start to feel different. It will spur you on to do further decluttering.
  • Even a small area like a jewellery box has large items in it and once you loose a few of these your collection will be much easier to manage and enjoyable to use.
  • Someone out there is always looking for an extra fridge/freezer. We've sold two, one to someone who wanted extra storage for wine/beer and the latest one because their second fridge had just broken and they had nowhere to cool the recently made lemon meringue pie for their dinner guests that night!

So ... take the easy way and discover the instant approach to decluttering.
Get rid of the big stuff first.


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