Know your limits!

Once you make the decision to simplify your life you become mindful not only of your possessions but also of the pace of your life. Because yesterday was a classic example of an over scheduled day: yet another open day at a university with our son, a late afternoon drop in to see some visiting family at my parents and a meal out to celebrate a special birthday of a friend. 

“I know the title for your next blog post...” teased my tired husband, “Know your limits!” I offered no resistance but muttered to myself, “ I know, I know,  I've overcommitted myself again”.

In contrast, today has been a slow, meandering day - just as I like Sundays to be. I have enjoyed:

- being the first to get up (which I like) and watching the early mist clear

- seeing my first autumn spider webs glistening outside in the morning sun

- reading yesterday's paper 

- sofa time

- tidying up and sorting washing

- admiring the beautiful blue sky and red leaves on the tree in our garden

- cooking a delicious (if I say so myself) thai curry for my family

What I've learnt is that my schedule can be too tightly packed sometimes. At least now I know when to take my foot of the pedal and take time to enjoy the simple and beautiful things in life. There are many things I should have done today but I chose not to and I feel good about that. I will endeavour to get the balance right next weekend.

How about you? Have you found time to unwind this weekend? I hope so. 



  1. Hi! I'm going through your blog, and I just love it. :) Your blog is soooo soothing and calm, and that is what I dearly need in my life. After reading a few blogs like yours today, I felt the need to donate somethings to a thrift store in town. And I feel so wonderful just to do that little bit. :) Thank-you for writing your beautiful blog. It's an inspiration.


    1. Hi Merry - Thanks for commenting and such kind words. Btw I love your name!


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