52 Weeks of Happy (47/52)

Hi there and hello September! This week it's been all about changing gear and seasons as we settle into work/school/ uni-preparation mode. The thought of it all was unsettling but the reality has actually been quite exciting. I feel a new buzz of energy and determination to savour my happy moments especially as my eldest has two weeks left at home before uni. An eighteen year old can be good company and very useful too as he hones his cooking skills, offers us lifts and even empties the ironing basket. 

Joining in with the lovely Jen from Little Birdie, here's my dose of joy from the past week.

♥ These lilies. A gorgeous gift from my parents-in-law when they visited after their return from France. A week later they are gorgeous, strong and heavily scented. Such a treat, thank you.
♥ September weather. OK, we've had torrential rain this week but also a mini heatwave and an amazing sunset on Thursday. We've been spoilt this summer in the UK and I've enjoyed every dry, sunny moment. 
♥ Food. Every week has its happy foodie moments. Last weekend we visited our local food festival and came away with these Packington Free Range pasties. Mouth wateringly yummy. 
♥ My new glasses. No photo - as yet - but I'm pleased that I've overcome my fear of glasses and been brave enough to settle for some signature jade coloured specs. Another change. And hey, I have better vision and a whole new look.

Wishing you a very good weekend and great week.

Be happy xo



  1. Cooking? Lifts? Ironing? Can it be that this is in my future? It's almost too much to hope for. You are right about this summer, it was so wonderful. I've been watching the sunsets too, and enjoying their beauty. You will miss that boy when he goes, I feel for you. The pasty looks very good. And good luck with the glasses, they sound lovely.

  2. He sounds a real treasure. I love a good pastie, and I am very exicited that we have a new farmers market starting up next week so hopefully I will be able to get a few foodie treats.

  3. Those photos of the lilies are stunning, and the sunset is pretty spectacular too. I like the way you always include food in your happy lists - it often sneaks into mine too! It is one of life's great pleasures. x

  4. Lovely! The weather has definitely been a blessing this summer!


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