Minimalist Monday: My Minimalist Wardrobe Lessons

With the weather changing and the chances of warm summer clothes wearing days diminishing it's time for an autumn/winter wardrobe rethink. 

Project 333 has taught me that my wardrobe predictions are often wildly wrong. When planning a capsule wardrobe you can't predict the weather, every social occasion and your every fashion whim for the next three months. My summer minimalist wardrobe successes were my linen trousers, two dresses and wrap cardigans. The heat and a few extra pounds gained on holiday meant loose and floaty items were more favoured than tight garments like jeans (especially skinny jeans). I've learnt that I wear jeans a lot in autumn and winter - usually with tunic dresses and ankle boots- but never on my summer holidays. 

An unexpectedly warm summer means that some of my wardrobe staples have had a rest. Rather than dreaming of new purchases I'm keen to get back into wearing jeans, knitted tunics and chunkier cardigans - items that have lain dormant for the last three months. 

Last year's winter minimalist wardrobe list will be re-written - some items will remain, others sold, and a few given another chance. All my clothes have plenty of life left in them but if I were to choose anything new it would be a versatile dress - something that could be worn casually with thick tights, a cardigan and boots but with the potential to be glammed up with heels. But this is a want not a need and for the moment I'm hoping I can get my fashion kicks from re-working what I've currently got.



  1. No sleeveless coat then? They're supposed to be an essential item this season! x

  2. Hello Claire!

    I've heard about this Project 333 and have been meaning to look into it further, so I appreciate the reminder of your post.

    My big reason for writing, though, is I wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for a Liebster Award in my latest post, which is here: http://www.joyfullygreen.com/2013/09/spreading-the-words.html. You can read all about what exactly a Liebster Award is (I didn't know either until I got one!), and the Related Articles at the bottom contain the rules (my post was already running long and I just didn't have the space to include them). I hope you will have fun with it--I certainly did!

    All the best,

    1. How lovely Claire re Liebster Award - off to read Liebster Award questions and answers on other blogs now (and avoid marking maths books a little longer) x

  3. I did not follow the 333 "rules" but I decided to cut my wardrobe space in half. I packed everything that I had not worn in a year and then removed oddments that did not fit in. Result a planned wardrobe of clothes that fitted me and would mingle with each other. Every ting that was packed has been dished out to friends, relatives and the charity shop. I vow never to buy unless I am replacing.

  4. I tend to wear jeans and pants in cooler weather and dresses or skirts in warmer weather also. One thing I need to start doing is to stop trying to "save" my better items (like my 2 cashmere sweaters). Why have items I love sitting in the closet not being used? It's crazy.

  5. Very much looking forward to seeing more on this subject here!
    I have been trying to get my wardrobe right for years and to get away from buying clothes that don't suit my lifestyle - always so tempting!! Since I have found all the capsule wardrobe support online, I'm doing a lot better :) I have got rid of so many clothes. I bought quite a lot and got rid of most of those, too, before I started to really learn!!
    My holiday packing was minimal this year - I find 33 items more than enough with shoes, jewellery and so on, and it makes life so much simpler. Now that summer is over, I am going to retire some stuff that is several years old, and I have found that I probably don't need anything much for autumn winter from all the previous culls. The only thing I'm looking for is grey jeggings or jeans and I'm feeling very focussed... I just washed 2 weeks' worth of clothes and found that it came through as only about 10 garments (not counting sportswear or nightwear).
    I also really like Jennifer L. Scott's 10 item wardrobe (Madame Chic) and the Six Items or Less - both because of the limited number of clothing items and the philosophies, and Travelfashiongirl.com is a treasure trove of minimalist capsule wardrobes!

  6. Following your first article about project 333 at the beginning of the year I have reduced my wardrobe and spent some time thinking about my autumn winter wardrobe. I noticed that different colours in my wardrobe so I have tried to keep those ones that co-ordinate together.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Sarah x

  7. Oh yes, a good versatile dress is the holy grail of clothes!

    It's very much make do and mend here - I am desperate for a new pair of jeans as my favourite pair have just worn through on each knee, but funds are tight. I'll patch them for now which will do for the daytime but I don't think they'll do for evening events with heels, sadly. Unless I patch them with sequins...hmmm, there's a thought... x

  8. I have read a lot about 333 and nice to read about it in your blog as well! I decided to give it a try from beginning of September. But... I live in Finland. It's kind of hard to find perfect clothes from 20 degrees to even minus degrees. Sometimes we get snow here as early as November and from October it's very common to have cold nights when temperature drops below zero. Mornings are freezing. I'll give it a try with layers and i will go with these clothes as far as it's snows (weather it's November or December or what ever). Then it's time change. It would be nice to see your pics for this autumn! Love your blog!

    1. Hello to Finland! There is a great finnish blog called MuotiMielessa that is very inspirational for wardrobe.


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