52 Weeks of Happy (48 & 49/52)

Hello. Two weeks have slipped by so here I am playing catch-up with 52 Weeks of Happy. Joining in with lovely Jen from Little Birdie.

♥ Baking therapy - hubs' soda bread gets the bottom test. 
♥ And I made Rachel Allen's fluffy lemon pudding. Yummy and easy.
♥ Open windows and a glimpse of leaves on the turn. Yay to slightly warmer weather here in the UK this weekend.
♥ A digital photo for a student railcard of my eldest (gone wrong). On Sunday he's off to Sheffield Hallam to study English. It doesn't seem five minutes since we were getting him ready to start school - where has the time gone? I'm so excited for him but I know there'll be a gap in our lives...

Thank you for all your wonderful comments this week and hello to my new followers. I hope you enjoy Just a little less.

Have a great weekend xo



  1. Good Luck to your eldest as it embarks on a new chapter of his life. I'm sure he will have great fun and learn so much at uni. Will be thinking of you next week, it will feel strange and empty but there are so many ways these days to keep in touch.
    Sarah x

  2. How exciting for your young man to be heading off on such an adventure. But you will miss him so much I think. Hope he has a wonderful time.

  3. I have enjoyed a couple of lemon puddings in my recipe book challenge. One was literally "throw in blender" and bake. It was so good. ADORE the photos from the blog you were recommended in your last post. Going to take a sneak peek too! Have a lovely weekend. x

  4. Good luck to your boy! I hope he's settling in and having fun, and you aren't feeling too bereft. That lemon pudding looks wonderful, We made soda bread a few weeks ago. It didn't look like yours. In fact, it was awful... x


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