At the Weekend


had a lovely farewell meal for our son with his grandparents
visited a food and craft market and bought chutney and spicy sausages
bought these second hand shoes for a song after haggling (no prices - at the same market)
went to a canal boat heritage event
enjoyed blue skies, warm sun and ripples reflected on canal bridges
listened to a local sea shanty group (yes, in the midlands)
admired this caravan and horse
sat in the garden
watched two movies
dropped son off at uni - he was happy for us to go
wandered around Sheffield and ate lunch outside
arrived home but it felt emptier
felt reassured by a friend phoning about her son leaving for uni
enjoyed a beautiful evening sky
made plans for next weekend
got nowhere with the ironing  
had a glass or two of red in the evening

a beautiful but emotional September weekend, how was yours?



  1. Sounds like a very perfect weekend to me!
    Though the Uni thing... are you okay?
    Or have you done this before? I have 2 that have left home already, the one that I have the hardest time being away is my son in the military, he's in the middle east right now.
    Your photos are gorgeous, love the shoes and I have this thing for long narrow river boats!
    Have a great weekend,
    Tammy x

    1. I love narrow boats too - it's the small space living concept and the simplicity that appeal. I'm OK with the uni thing (getting used to the thought of him being away from home for a while - but it's strange). You are brave with your son - thanks for caring xo

  2. Great photos . Love the colorful coffee pot.
    The caravan gypsy horse looks like one of my ponies.

  3. Thinking of you and hoping you are doing okay. It must be very hard to see one fly away. Only a few weeks and he'll be back with all his washing though... Your weekend does look wonderful though, such beautiful pictures. I love the details of the narrowboats that you have captured. Hope you have a good week.

  4. Looks like a lovely weekend. Our daughter moved away to go to school a week ago. She is the eldest of four so it is new to me. Funny feeling, bit l think it will do her good to become a bit more independant and rely less on us for every little thing. Pam x

  5. looks like a lovely day. I love the canal and all the boats. Love the dragon! and the shoes, very grown up!! Heather x

  6. Sounds like such a relaxing weekend! I live by a canal and find walking by the boats so relaxing =]


  7. A full weekend. Those shoes are gorgeous!! I always covet shoes like that, then remember that cobbles, hills, sand and muddy walks are more suited to wellies.

    Leanne xx

  8. Oh I cannot even think about my daughter leaving for uni in 3 years. I am hoping she will attend a local uni and just commute from home. I know, I know, terrible of me to think that way but it will be achingly difficult to see her go, she is my only child. Going away to college is a right of passage though and steers them down the path to becoming independent adults - or so we hope ;) I'll have to keep that in mind! What a fantastic weekend you had.

  9. I love those shoes, it looks like you had a fun weekend apart from leaving your son at Uni. Hope you and him are doing OK. It is a good idea to plan fun things to do to lessen the blow and give you something to look forward too and concentrate on.
    Sarah x

  10. Wonderful pictures! Lovely weekend but rather busy (not really in the just a little less mindset :-( )

  11. That sounds like a rich and full weekend, full of family and good times. I love how you didn't get far with the ironing but enjoyed the wine - your priorities are right! And what gorgeous shoes. xx


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