52 Weeks of Happy (50/52)

Joining in with Jen from Little Birdie here are my four of my happy moments from this week. It was easy to find four happy moments this week but not so easy to choose just four photos so please excuse my self-indulgence.

♥ Yesterday we  took part in a charity fund raising walk 'Just Fabulous'. This was the second of 5 x10 mile walks organised by friends we know through our local arts organisation who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and simultaneously raising money for their son- in- law, who lives in France and has motor neurone disease. We walked part of the Monarch's Way (the escape route of Charles II), the Staffordshire Way and the Kingswinford Railway Walk. The walk started at the Tough Guy venue (you can just about make out the obstacle course behind the donkeys) which is a running obstacle course like no other. Highlights of our walk included seeing a heron along the Staffordshire and Worcester canal, breaking for lunch at The Bell Inn in the pretty village of Trysull, walking past many lovely properties and enjoying rural views. There was plenty of chat along the way and we came away feeling inspired by everyone involved. 

♥ On Friday evening hubs made Yuk Sung for the first time. We have been promising our youngest that we would try making it at home as it's his favourite dish when we eat out at Chinese restaurants. Hubs and our youngest did a fantastic job and it really was quite easy and delicious. 

♥ After yesterday's hike we went for a shorter walk today, just far enough to collect the last lingering blackberries. There was a lot of stretching and bending to reach the last remaining berries but we still came away with an ice cream tub full. I think there's a few more yet to ripen so get them while you can.

♥ I've been finding tiny little red leaves in my garden and collecting them. And lighting more candles as daylight hours shorten. I love the ritual of lighting candles and the simple pleasure of treasuring a fallen autumn leaf.

Thank you for all reading, commenting and following this week. We have got through the first week with our son away at uni and your thoughtful comments really helped. He is having a great time and having to take 'power naps' in the afternoon as it's been so 'hectic'. Students eh? I love the fact that he can still make me laugh even though he's miles away.

Have a great week and be happy xo



  1. I am with him on the 'power naps' only I don't think my employer would approve!

  2. Those blackberries look VERY yummy !!

  3. Glad your son is getting on okay. The walk looks good, and such a great cause. Motor neurone disease is so very cruel. A lovely list, and some really great photos. Hope you all have a good week.

  4. Beautiful pictures, but I particularly love the last one.


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