Christmas Catch-Up

Hello. Are you easing back into reality? I don't think I am yet. This Christmas it's been lovely to spend more time with close family and friends and to catch-up with others we don't see very often. To see my teenage boys and younger members of the family having fun together. I've enjoyed early still mornings, glorious winter sunshine, good food (especially the goats cheese starter), too much chocolate and I've started dipping into a pile of interesting new books I've received. We even had a sprinkling of snow on Boxing day! Most of all I'm grateful for my dad being home. More of these slow days please. How's your Christmas been?


  1. Happy to stave off reality for a few more days. Happy New Year!

  2. Hello Claire I've only just come across your blog and was attracted to join by your list of simple pleasures. They are beautiful and after my own heart. Wishing you more of the best of simple pleasures for 2015.

    1. Lovely to hear this - thank you Val. Best wishes for 2015 xo

  3. So glad your Dad made it home for Christmas. Your Christmas images are a lovely collection of the event. Wishing you a happy and simple 2015! Sarah x

  4. Gorgeous pictures, your Dad looks happy to be home.
    I've loved the slower pace this Christmas, although was back to work yesterday....
    Happy New Year to you & your lovely family, xxxx

  5. I hope that you had a great Christmas and that your New Year will be wonderful too! Best wishes for all good things in 2015 to you and yours! xx


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