Fourth Sunday of Advent and Hello Darkness

The fourth Sunday of Advent has arrived and with it the winter solstice. Preparing for Christmas and celebrating the wonder of the natural world. Here are some highlights.

Our bauble free Christmas tree. How magical are Christmas trees?
We spent this morning in the kitchen. The sherry was open - couldn't quite wait 'til Christmas.
First attempt at clementines in caramel. Not quite there yet. Caramel takes confidence.
Our eldest son is home from uni. And his washing and his music. Love it. 
Time for a Sunday roast and gravy has been made in advance for Christmas day.
Lighting the fourth Advent candle at home - now hiding on the sill behind the tree.
An evening carol service.
Home to light more candles. 
Dad has been in hospital this week. He was home after 3 days. So grateful.

Hope you are well. Not signing off for Christmas yet - I will be back before the big day xo



  1. I love the way the orange slice looks with the sun shining through it, really pretty.

  2. Those oranges will brighten any dark day! :) SO lovely!

  3. Beautiful photos, they really sum up the time of year.

    Hope your dad is making a good recovery.


  4. Glad to hear your dad is out of hospital Claire.
    Your photos are delightful - the clementines in caramel look so delicious!

  5. I also only have lights on my tree. I think it looks best that way.

    Excellent news your Father is home for Christmas!

    I could do with a chicken dinner!!!

  6. Hello from America. I've recently discovered your blog, Claire -- and I really, really like it. This post brought tears to my eyes. In a nice way. Very glad your dad is home, and glad you'll be back with another post before the big day. Warmest Christmas wishes.


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