The Third Sunday of Advent

So we've reached the third Sunday of Advent. This month is rushing by. Advent is traditionally a time of waiting but we seem to have lost that. There's so much temptation to join the busyness, consumerism and ostentation that's around this year. Thankfully, I've almost completed my Christmas shopping and should be able to keep away from the busiest shops now. At home this weekend it's been quiet. We've enjoyed space and calm knowing that next week we have extra demands on our time like a school carol service, school play and a Christmas meal out, on top of our usual schedule. Here are a few favourite moments from the weekend.

I've been carefully choosing which decorations to put up this year. We bought this star from Birmingham's Christmas market 2 years ago and its simplicity still appeals.
Winter has arrived with its coldness, frost and beautiful skies.
Noel. Another simple decoration I created last year that's returned.
French onion soup made by hubs. Don't worry this is not turning into a soup blog.
A new stuffing - mint and rosemary from an old Good Housekeeping recipe book which we return to every Christmas. The recipe stated onions and we only had red ones but they look really festive to me. We're going to freeze them like this uncooked and cook them on Christmas day.
Seeing the third Advent candle lit at church and lighting my own at home. I've added a fifth star tealight holder to the middle which will be lit on Christmas day.

Thank you for reading here this week. I hope you can find time for quiet in the run up to Christmas xo



  1. Love your star.I finished my Christmas present shopping back in October...Yes I am one of those organised people that you hate. But it is so nice just knowing I do not have to panic buy presents and enjoy the nice things that Christmas brings, like spending time with the famiy.

  2. What a gift to be able to pause at such a busy time of year! I love the star and the simplicity of the Noel. And the quiet peace that you have made me feel; how do you do it?

  3. Claire your last few Christmas themed posts have been most enjoyable. I'm glad you have been finding some calm moments at this busy time.
    Your Noel is simply beautiful in both senses of the word.

  4. The star is beautiful ... as is the NOEL. There is something very peaceful about them both.

  5. Love the Noel it is my favourite

  6. I love your photos here, especially that one of the steaming ladle. This post is full of good things. I really like your Noel decoration, so simple and effective. x


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