Tree Found

We have a Christmas tree! One day we might go fir free but for now, with a 15 year old who still gets excited by the sight of a real tree arriving home, we will keep this tradition alive (he likes a real tree and preferably one as large as can fit in our house). It was late afternoon when we ventured to Cannock Chase to buy our sustainably grown Christmas tree. The sky was just starting to glow after a bright winter afternoon and the fairy light strung forest beckoned us in. Magical. Finding the perfect tree is beyond me. So long as it fits in the house - ever had to saw off the top of the tree to fit it into the house? - I'm happy. 
  photo firtree1_zps96287efe.jpg photo glove_zps868b8465.jpg photo green_zpsec935424.jpg photo hisglove_zpscc98a8d5.jpg photo treefound_zpsb06349c4.jpg


  1. One of the loveliest days of the year, nothing beats choosing the tree to make your christmas! :)

  2. We no longer have room for a tree but I do love the smell of a real one :)

  3. You can't beat the lovely smell that a real tree brings to the house can you. And they are so environmentally friendly too. Simple at it's best.


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