Decluttering Before Christmas: Week 1

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Just a little December declutter update.

First the good news. Here's what I've decluttered so far:

  • A bag of clothes that have been stored in the loft since creating my minimalist wardrobe - donated to a charity shop. 
  • Several hardback books on gardening and cooking which I no longer read - also donated to a charity shop.
  • Various kitchen items including a hard boiled egg slicer (retro orange 70s kitsch - nice) - donated to a charity shop.
  • Some of my 15 year old's outgrown clothes - passed onto his younger cousin.
  • Emails deleted - I'm down to an empty email box and I'm also gradually unsubscribing to those companies that keep plaguing me almost daily.

Deciding to declutter before Christmas has definitely helped motivate me to clear unwanted items that have been lingering in the loft for too long. Also, my aim to give some things to charity rather than try and sell them feels good during Advent. This week I also discovered #streetbank's campaign Advent Challenge.The idea is to give something away for each of the 24 days of Advent by donating items to those in your neighbourhood by giving items to friends, family, work colleagues or local charity shops. Alternatively, you can be generous in imaginative ways such as donating items to a local food bank (I've just discovered a collection box in my nearest supermarket) or by taking cakes to work. Thanks to Sue, Jane and Pensive Pensioner for blogging about how they've started this challenge. I love this.

Now, for a confession. This time of year puts pressure on us to look perfect and have perfect houses. I'm skilled at not buying clothes on impulse but I've realised that at this time of year I do have a desire to spend more on household items such as cushions, candles and plants. I've already bought hyacinths and a poinsettia as a nod to Christmas and today bought a cushion for our red tub chair. I bought it at the charity shop where I was dropping stuff off. It's nauticalness spoke to me from across the till. I'm pleased with my new cushion as I think it adds character and sits well with our Cornwall prints but next time I think I need to drop my unwanted items off at the back door rather than walking through the store. I better watch out...

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  1. What a fab cushion, Claire, a great buy. Well done on the decluttering too and thank you for the mention re the Advent Challenge. It's great that so many people are taking part and, in my opinion, encapsulates what Christmas spirit is all about. Have a lovely weekend x

  2. I think decluttering before Christmas is a really inspiring idea that we should all adopt, both mentally and physically! I will attack my wardrobe this week, my books would take a lot longer but it's on the to-do list!

  3. Nice cushion, I can't walk through the charity shop right now, or I will see all my stuff!

  4. I think if something really sings out to you when you're in a charity shop it's always a good idea to buy it. The cushion is lovely and sits there so well. Decluttering means we can make room in our lives for things that we really love, that's the real beauty of it ... and helping a charity is an added bonus :-)


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